Amendments & Forms

With focused expertise and a vast experience of over ten years, Express Corporate Filing Service collates a myriad of corporate services to help make your dream of setting up an individual business into reality. From providing information on how to start a LLC in Florida, selecting the trade type, business registration Florida and more, we bring you a comprehensive set of guidelines in one website.

List of Florida Filing Amendments

Some of the amendments mat you will get to learn from us include the following:

Doing Business As (DBA)

In this kind of trading, a business can be legally registered under some fictitious or assumed name in accordance to the jurisdiction of Florida. Filing for DBA facilitates business transactions helps to deal under a different name other than the one that is shown in official documents. In this business filing service, you will get to enjoy name check facility, shipping of comprehensive documents, and proper filing of DBA documents successfully.

Foreign Qualification

If you are looking for options to expand your business in-state, or in states that are not within your registered corporation, you will need foreign qualification. The process of registering your business to be operated in those states is legally necessary under the laws of Florida. In this filing service, you will get to avail state name check facility, qualification documents, and shipping of files to you for maximum benefit.


All businesses have a certain level of risk and not all businesses achieve the success that was expected by the owner. The cause of business failures are many, including prominent causes such as bankruptcy, voluntary dissolution, tax incorporation, failure in annual reports, and more. In such a scenario, we help you get prompt help by preparation and filing of dissolution articles, shipping of relevant documents to the owner and much more.

Name Amendment

To change the name of your company, an amendment process needs to be filed with the state for appropriate legal procedures. If the organization also has its franchises and branches in other states, the name needs to be converted in those locations as well. Hence the process requires for official change of company name with proper amendment filing article and documentation.

Share Amendment

Before starting a company, calculation of its shares and stock is an essential in accordance to authorized law of European state. As you plan to start an LLC in Florida, we are here to help you file an article with the incorporated state.

Have Express Corporate Filing Services file your business Amendments

Other Amendments:

Even after starting a LLC in Florida with proper legal fling, it is imperative that you update any change of information for the company in the state through Articles of Amendment or Articles of Incorporation. From preparing the documents to shipping them to you, we offer a comprehensive solution at the most affordable rates.

Federal Tax ID (EIN)

This is a unique identification number for your business. It is used by the IRS to identify your business and needs to be quoted on all your business tax filings. This is also necessary to open a bank account for your business and other related purposes. We help you obtain your Federal Tax ID or EIN from the IRS on behalf of your business.


This is basically the process of activating a previously dormant or non-compliant company to be in good standing of the stare. This is necessary to avoid administrative dissolution or revocation by the state. We provide a range of services to help you accomplish this. We help you identify the steps required to make your business compliant in the stare, determining outstanding dues to the state, obtaining and auditing the forms of reinstatement prior to submission, and submitting the form to the appropriate state agencies.


This method certifies a document for use in another country. This is necessary to open a bank account in another country for a US-incorporated business.


We offer you assistance in situations where you reed to convert your exiting LLC into a corporation or the other way around. Converting the business from one type to another requires the owner to follow some procedures set forth by the state of incorporation. We offer our services in determining the appropriate process for conversion in your state. We also help you obtain and prepare the necessary state forms. We notify you of the completion of process and ship you the necessary documents.

Certified Copy

This is the exact copy of y our company’s incorporation or other state-filed document, as issued by the state. It is often used to replace a lost or misplaced original, provide additional proof of authenticity, or open a bank account.

Certificate of Good Standing

This document is issued by the state and demonstrates the existence of a corporation or limited liability company e. LLC). It also documents its authority to carry out business in the state and is in compliance of all state-required formalities. We provide you comprehensive assistance in acquiring this.

Our team will ensure that your plan of trading in Florida is achieved successfully within the legal framework for best advantages.