To start an LLC in Florida, it is imperative that you know all about the processes and techniques to follow beforehand. To help you, we provide you with timely updates and comprehensive knowledge to make the procedure easier and effective without unnecessary complications. From providing you with ideas of profitable business to registration and set up, our experts will be with you throughout the process to ensure that you get to enjoy the best solutions at the most affordable rates.

Just few clicks of the mouse and you can get to learn all that you need about starting a LLC in Florida. We provide comprehensive and professional information related to various types of company types such as general partnerships, fictitious name registrations, limited liability companies, corporations, limited partnerships, trademarks and more.

Our Help in Building Your Own Business Organization

With a team of dedicated professionals, we specialize in various types of services that are designed and structured to help you start your individual new business Florida. Some of the services that we consider as our forte include:

Corporation (C, 5, Nonprofit, Professional)

  • C Corp: In this type of Florida Corporation, the organization is considered as separate taxable entity which needs to pay taxes on the basis of the dividends it Due to this process, sometimes the company needs to pay double taxation on the dividends received by the corporate firm.
  • S Corp: To avoid the double taxation process of C Corporation, many companies prefer registering as an S Corp type. In this process, the firm gets to combine the advantages of both sole proprietorship and Under the tax status, this corporation variety is also considered as a “pass through entity.” thus reflecting gain/loss of the corporation in their personal IT return.
  • PLLC: Professional Limited Liability Company can be stated as a state license for professionals who want to practice individually as an organization under the Florida law. PLLC is most often associated with individuals in accounting, medical, legal help, architecture and other associated professions.

Limited (LLC, LP, LLP)


Under Limited Corporations, there are three primary types that potential businessmen and entrepreneurs can consider:

Limited Liability Company (LLC): In this form of business enterprise, corporate structure and partnership are combined together under legal approval. Moreover, the formation of a LLC is not always related to profit purpose.

Limited Partnership (LP): Quite similar to general partnership process, this enterprise type includes one or more limited companies as partners.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): In this partnership variety, all partners will have access to limited liability, which exhibit distribution of partnership.

Doing Business as (DBA) / Sole Proprietorship


Apart from options of Limited company and Corporation, you can also start your own business under DBA or sole ownership.

OSA: “Doing business as” refers to the legal process of starting your business under a fictitious name which will be used for all legal processing.

Sole Proprietorship: In this trade registration option, the company is owned by one individual with no differences in legal processing.